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Stop Motion animation strips filmmaking down to its fundamentals in order to take the most painstaking path towards the magic of the moving image. Its a taxing medium, but it offers the ability to bring anything to life within any conceivable story. We love the entire process and welcome you to check out some of our latest works, then get in touch with us to bring your vision to life.

We are a San Diego, CA based stop motion animation production company creating original and commission work. We couple this old-fashioned medium with the latest and greatest tech to create smooth and cinematic animations.

We pride ourselves in creating exceptional animations, for all budgets, on timelines that would impress anyone who knows a thing or two about stop motion.

Use the contact form below and start a dialog with us about how animation can represent your ideas and goals.

Dedication to our Communities and the Medium of Stop Motion
If you are an educator or community organizer who thinks animation could be a useful tool in your mission: it totally could.
Check out our non-profit arm Animate A Way and let’s talk.
We seek to further the art of stop motion animation by providing succinct and accurate information for the community on the biggest issues that we face. Look to our blog for more.


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