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Stop motion animation strips filmmaking down to its fundamentals and takes advantage of the infinite amount of creativity that can be infused into every picture that is flying across the screen. Animation has the power to bring the most fantastic stories to life. Stop motion has the additional advantage of working with all possible mediums. Pixilation, claymation, puppets, paper cut outs, bobbles, trinkets, furniture, even well-behaved pets: anything can be brought to life with stop motion animation. 

Not Triangles is the production company for me, Steven Topham. I am a San Diego, CA based stop motion artist creating original and commission work. I take this painstaking medium and imbue it with the latest and greatest tech to create smooth and cinematic animations.

I’ve been animating for over 15 years and teaching stop motion since 2013. If you have a project in mind, I can bring it to life and work with any budget.

Fill out the contact form below, or email info@nottriangles.com, and I will get right back to you. The more details you can provide about what you’re looking to create, the better.

Dedication to our Communities and the Medium of Stop Motion
I am always happy to guest lecture at schools and collaborate with community organizers. I have animation curriculums developed for presentations as short as 30 minutes to ongoing after school programs. Contact me if you think animation could be a useful tool in your mission.
Check out my non-profit Animate A Way for more details.

I endeavor to further the art of stop motion animation by providing succinct and accurate information for the community on the biggest issues that we face. Look to the blog for more.


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