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Stop-Motion Animation Services

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Enhance your project, event, visuals and moments with stop motion animation
Animation has the ability to go anywhere your creativity can go and stop-motion provides additional freedom through limitless material options (animate yourself, your couch, your house, your (well-behaved) pets, trinkets, flowers, props… on and on and on anything).

Not Triangles is an award winning, freelance stop-mo company established in 2006, located in San Diego, California and able to serve clients wherever they may be. We pride ourselves in creative, compelling, professional, budget-conscious animations.
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Costs and production times vary by project complexity (the number of moving objects, number of scenes/settings and the complexity of the representation). We will always work with you to stay within budget while providing the most impressive animation possible.
Here is an idea of our basic rate sheet:

$500 – up to 30 seconds, one setting
$100 – each additional setting + material costs
$350 – each additional 30 seconds (prorated)
$200 – to work with 2 live actors
$50 – each additional actor

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I’m still not sure what stop motion is and how I can use it.
All film is a series of pictures (frames) usually running in front of your eyes at 24 frames per second (fps). The images create the illusion of movement through a trick of our minds called the persistence of vision. Animators tap into that and manipulate each individual frame, taking one picture at a time, to create movement out of any conceivable thing. Stop-motion in particular has the ability to animate any tangible object and put it into any kind of environment. It’s pretty magical and is always a fun choice for presenting your ideas, achievements, events and announcements.

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